Basics: Simple Syrup


This simple syrup is a real treasure. You can use it for so many different things and more importantly you can flavour it with all your different kinds of flavours. I mostly use the syrup to moisten my cakes. You just cook it, let it cool for a bit and than either let it drip over the cakes or take a baking brush dip it in the syrup and then press it on you cake base. Continue reading

Food Education: Eggs

Eggs are very important for us bakers. They help us make baked goods fluffy, creamy and also they help us to make things thicker and more firm. In order to achieve all those qualities we need to know how eggs are built and how to handle them. This is what I will teach you in this post. After learning this you will be able to bake better cakes than you ever thought possible.

So, let´s dive in… Continue reading